Coastal Hardware is home to the best door hardware in Virginia and we are proud to be associated with some of the best brands in the country. We have an extensive selection of different door hardware ranging from door hinges and door handles to locks and door closers.

Residential Door Hardware

If you are looking for door hardware to install in your own home, then you would want something that is able to get the job done and yet still express something about yourself. That is exactly why our interior door handles and door hinges are artistically designed to add a unique touch of style to your door. Our interior door handles are also available with matching door hinges so that you are able to stick to your original design theme.

Commercial Door Hardware

Unlike the residential door hardware, commercial door hardware is required by law to meet certain specific standards, and buyers will be happy to discover that all our hardware adhere to all the building codes that are applicable in our area. Add to this the fact that they are made from strong materials and designed to provide ultimate security and it is easy to see why our customers consider them to be the best.