Whether you are looking for front door hardware, barn door hardware, commercial door locks, and commercial door hardware, you will find exactly what you are looking for, in our wide selection of top grade door hardware in Hampton Roads Virginia. Here you will find the best;

  • Mechanical locks: We have manual and digital mechanical door locks made by industry leaders and top world brands to give you the utmost security inside your premises.
  • Exit devices/ panic bars: We have quality panic bars for emergency exits that are easy to install and designed according to the highest industry standards for commercial premises.
  • Door closers: Find a variety of closers in Virginia that are not only fully functional but also add a touch of style while requiring very little maintenance from you. We have door closers that can be mounted on both wooden and metal doors all of which can be bought either individually or in sets to suit the overall architecture.
  • Quality Hinges
  • Exquisite push/pull plates

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